My First Post!

Okay, so that is not exactly true.  I have a free website from Wix that I named Fashion INVESTIGATOR INC, published, and abandoned back in 2010.  Lol…

But this time I’m here to stay folks! I am so excited that I FINALLY have my own website & platform to speak with you, share with you, laugh, and celebrate with you… 

My Vision is  to continue to build my community of happy, positive, supportive people to SHARE my LIFESTYLE with you:

  • FASHION – and where to shop on a budget
  • EATS – where to get the best nomnoms & customer service
  • FITNESS -I quit  smoking 2 1/2 years ago & gained 15 lbs and I will share with you my journey back to fitness and help motivate you to keep you on track & in the gym – I am now a  Steve Nash Lonsdale Ambassador
  • NATURE – I am a Spiritual Empath:  “Empaths are truly gifted people in many ways. … It is a rare gift which makes them what they are – empaths. They sense the feelings of others as their own which makes them great listeners and trouble-solvers. Empaths have one rare trait that makes them even more powerful – these people are experts in human psychology.” – May 31, 2018  

And as a Spiritual Empath I NEED NATURE – being in the woods on a trail, at the beach near the ocean or near a stream, creek or river, OR in a beautiful garden such as Gerry’s Garden in North Vancouver, BC.

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