Synchronicity – 5 Positive Signs That You’re On The Right Path

What is Synchronicity? I could Google it and provide you what other sources say what it is BUT I want to tell you in my words, from my experience what Synchronicity is .

1)Synchronicity is a “knowing”, an unshakable feeling that EVERYTHING IS GOING YOUR WAY & YOU’RE ON THE RIGHT PATH. It runs in waves. I first noticed synchronicity in my life in 1999, the summer before I moved to Toronto, ON to study Fashion Design at the International Academy of Design & Technology.

I was on a flight from Vancouver to Toronto and moving there without knowing a single soul OR where I was going to live BUT YET KNOWING I was and everything was going to be okay. I trusted this feeling and it came TRUE.

2)Synchronicity is running in my life again now. I am about to embark on a wonderful adventure & journey at Capilano University. My passions for writing, editing & photography were first explored and fulfilled on my Instagram profile,, and HERE now on my very own website! It’s a feeling of contentment.

3)Synchronicity is trust in Universe/God that a Higher Power is guiding you on a path, the right path. Where is this path leading you to? Only you can answer this. Where is it you want “to go”? What is your purpose in life? I found mine. You will too.

4) Along your path you will meet/have reunions with your soulmates & twin souls. I met 3 people that I “knew already”. My soul recognized them. As did theirs mine. If you suspect you have met your soulmate, you probably have. I will expand on a future blog my experience with meeting my soul family/pod.

5)Some of you may struggle when you are at one of the “peaks” of Synchronicity. In the past I did because I felt like I didn’t deserve to have/be given ALL the wonderful things that were happening to me. But you DO! You deserve it ALL. You deserve to be HAPPY so EMBRACE ALL THE POSITIVITY WITH OPEN ARMS & AN OPEN HEART!

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