Leah’s Automotive – UPCOMING FEATURE

I have another exciting upcoming feature that will be written by my mechanic, Leah Gillanders, Owner & Operator of Leah’s Automotive in North Vancouver, BC. She is an anomaly being a female entrepreneur in a male dominated industry and she’s killing it! She opened a second business, Leah’s Nail Lounge right next door so that her customers can get their nails done while they wait for their car to be repaired in her shop. How cool is that?! I am fascinated by this incredible woman. And you will be too!

She has worked on my car and identified and repaired a problem that had the other shops stumped. There was an odour that initially was thought to be a coolant leak. It was a stressful time in my life personally when this happened last year, so when Leah was able to locate, identify the cause, and rid my car of this chemical scent that was like a vapour that was in my mouth every time I drove my car, she brought me peace of mind.

What’s also wonderful is Leah didn’t charge me an arm and a leg for it. She has reasonable rates AND the best part is that I trust her. She explains what was done, what parts were used and Leah will do a thorough breakdown of your bill line by line. She’s AMAZING! Go see her at Leah’s Automotive: 1107 West 14th, North Vancouver, BC off Marine Dr.

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