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MY MISSION:  To motivate and inspire Boss Babes in the making. To uplift, encourage, and promote male & female entrepreneurs and to share aspirations, goals and dreams with them.

To provide and build a warm, loving, and supportive community of male and female CREATORS. Creators of art, a business, or a NEW YOU … 

I had the opportunity to interview our first male Boss Babe this weekend and it was an absolute delightful experience!

I originally met Eamonn Duignan at the Lonsdale Ave Magazine launch party a few months ago and we were introduced by magazine founder, Adrian. It was an intimate gathering of North Shore business owners and fun was had by all.

Eamonn is the Owner & Founder of Green Coast Rubbish and his brother Cein is his partner (he is on the left in the photo). They have been in business since 2006 removing junk, disposing waste, deconstructing and taking care of any demolition needs their clients may have.

The name Green Coast comes from their commitment “to sustainable waste diversion practices and recycle or donate as much as possible of the useable goods they collect, thereby diverting waste from taking up precious space in local landfills.”

M: What’s your story?  Where were you born, where were you raised?  What was your childhood, growing up years like? 

E: What’s my story? Starting with the easy questions!  I’m a Leo (if that means anything), and summer is my favourite season.

I was born in Dublin, Ireland, and moved to Canada when I was young. I was raised mostly in Ontario.  I was always focused on something, had way too much energy and was usually getting into some sort of trouble!

I have lived in North Van (North Vancouver) for the last 22 years or so and have been a part of a sport that has evolved from a few renegades building rogue trails to a legit community with an organized association and a world-respected trail network.

I am living in a place that is my mecca and very appreciative of this fact. I strive to achieve my daily goal of getting out for a ride with a cohort of incredibly talented and inspiring riders.

Eamonn's Mtn Biking Photo-Babes Promoting Babes Interview
Eamonn’s passion — mountain biking in North Vancouver

I have built a bootstrap business that I could never imagine possible; I am surrounded by a team and friends who inspire me professionally, as well as athletically. Basically, I am forging my own path, fumbling plays along the way, while still excited about learning.  

M: What did you want to do when you grew up?  

E: Great question! Honestly, I can’t really answer this question, but I would speculate, a deep-sea diver, race-car driver, professional mountain biker, an educator, and at one point, a geologist. When I grow up, I’ll let you know.

M: Did you go to college or university?  If so, what did you study?

E: I have a degree in Education and Human Kinetics from UBC (Certified Teacher but I have never taught). I also have a Diploma in Forestry and I went to Cap U for 2 years.

When did you move to Vancouver Why did you move to Vancouver?

E: I moved to BC (British Columbia) in ’89 because I wanted something more. At the time I was racing mountain bikes and was somewhat motivated by that. But mostly by the fact that I was at a party, a few evenings before, and promised a friend that I would accompany him on a cross country adventure.

M: When did you start your business?  What was your inspiration?

E: May 6th, 2006 was the day that our doors officially opened! I thank my younger brother, Cein for holding my hand and pushing me to make it happen. He was my sounding board and our founding partner.

My inspiration was simple, I was introduced to a niche industry I knew very little about, and me being me, saw a better way, took the leap, and held fast.

Fourteen years and counting. In short, I would say happenstance and seizing an opportunity. Chance, luck, timing, or just an openness to exploring the unknown — Maybe all of those things, or none of them

M: What do you love the most about being a Boss Babe?  Men can be Babes too… 

E: 100%! Boss and babe aren’t gender-specific!

What I love the most is the learning, the daily challenges, and affecting change in the community I call home, as well as the inspirational team of fantastic individuals who share the same passion for life. 

I also really cherish the creativity and problem-solving I get to practice everyday in my role.

M: What would your advice be for Boss Babes in the making?  If they are contemplating leaving a secure 9-5 job with benefits – what would you say to them? Should they take the leap?

E: My advice — know your numbers, be kind, have a solid purpose, give back when you can, and most importantly, treat your team well.

Don’t be motivated by potential margins, let passion lead, and all else will follow.  Expect to fail, reflect, learn, and move forward.

M: Any last words? What’s our favourite positive/motivational quote or book.

E: Don’t forget to smile and get outside!   

Fave quote = Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving — Albert Einstein

Eamonnn Dunignan is the Founder & Owner of Green Coast Rubbish. Eamonn & his brother, Cein have been in business since 2006. If you would like to learn more about their company or the services they provide, check out their website: and follow them on Instagram:

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