Thanksgiving — What I am Grateful for

Every morning I wake up, I am grateful for my life and what has entered it. It is true what they say. When you think positively, expect a positive outcome, and are thankful for what you have, you will receive more good things.

I wasn’t always this ray of sunshine. I have experienced depression, thoughts of suicide, anxiety, and insomnia. But I overcame my dark nights of the soul and many hurdles to become the person I am today.

Everything happens for a reason. I believe that I am here to teach and help people — I am a lightworker. People are attracted to the light in me. They confide their personal struggles and heartaches and I, in turn, do what I can to alleviate the situation they’re in.

Unfortunately, this is sometimes to my detriment.

But I don’t regret helping them. It is why I’m here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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