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Fashion was my first love.

This is why I am named my business Fashion INVESTIGATOR INC.

I investigate what is “in fashion” in our communities and feature the great local restaurants, small businesses, and the people behind them.

My passion now is digital marketing.

It fueled my desire to help small businesses to grow and empower them to shine. 

Fashion INVESTIGATOR INC. has been supporting and promoting local small businesses in the Metro Vancouver Area for 4 years.

Mayumi Izumi

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Our Philosophy is that we are ALL unique and beautiful. Our past made us who we are today. We are grateful for those challenging times. They made us the strong people we are. We don't have to be model size to be attractive, to look, & feel GREAT! We also don't have to spend a lot of money to buy brand name fashions. We will show you where to shop for great garments for awesome prices. Let's celebrate who we are TODAY & look FANTASTIC!!


Our Vision is to have a community of people that will share information on FASHION, HEALTH, FITNESS, BEAUTY, FOOD, & NATURE. Tips on how you can live the best life you've been given! We will have Monthly Guest Contributors from different Industries. Entrepreneurs who are killing it!


Our Policy is to share our views without judgement. But we will not tolerate any abusive language or behaviour on our website. Any violations of this policy will be dealt with immediately. Violators will be permently blocked from using