I AM Grateful …

I'm Grateful


I am grateful for so many things but top of mind — Mama Izumi, Big Sis and a certain someone who has recently come back into my life …

I risk “scaring” him off if he reads this blog BUT I guess that’s the risk I take for expressing my thoughts in the moment.

This moment is sooo delicious too … Leave it to a foodie to describe time with a food adjective. Hahaha … I’ve got my ear buds plugged into YouTube music and Shawn Mendes’ song, “In My Blood” and I’m feeling really happy.

Sooo back to gratefulness and this certain someone … We are supposed to go on a date today. I have the perfect outfit picked out too. My thrifty finds that I purchased from a Facebook Marketplace seller yesterday — sleeveless white & blue blouse that ties in the back with a teardrop opening $5.00 and stretchy jeans with a proper waist $8.00 (I hate low-waisted pants – they give me muffin top – yuck!).

We recently reconnected on Facebook and exchanged numbers and spoke on the phone a couple of times. Almost every time I think about him I get butterflies … Awww … I’m such a girl. Hahaha ….

This blog is going to be short and sweet like ME. I shall end this here for: 1) fear that he will read this and I may reveal TOO MUCH and 2) I will continue this later and let y’all know what happens …

Question is — WILL HE ACTUALLY CALL TODAY …. Fingers crossed, Babes.

Babes Promoting Babes – Keleka of Keleka Designs PART 2

Keleka Designs Hawaiian Beach Photo

For those of you who missed my last blog, I interviewed Keleka, Founder of Keleka Designs. She designs Hawaiian themed flame-less candles inspired by her love of the islands.

The following blog is Part 2 and a continuation of my insightful interview with her.

M:  When did you start Keleka Designs?  What was your inspiration?  

K:  In 2019 I decided to tell my advertising job of 12 years in Nevada that I was going to follow my dreams.  They were great about it since I did so well for them for such a long time.  They said whatever I wanted to do was fine, so I cut my hours to part time with them to pursue my passions. 

This is when Keleka Designs was born. I’ve always loved lighting candles in my yard in the evening, with the pool and the ambience that it created.  But with the extreme heat in Nevada, the wax candles always melted, even at night!  So, I had the idea of designing beautiful Hawaiian flame-less candles that never melt.  

I started creating my designs on Photoshop and began sending my flame-less candles to family members.  The response was overwhelmingly positive!  I also started making Rasta/Hawaiian incense holders, which also received a warm response. 

And, once I focused on building my own website, working on my social media platforms, and creating more flame-less candle designs, the response was phenomenal.  I was selling candles! The exhilaration to create and design my own candles is so fulfilling that I wake up every morning excited to produce more!

My inspiration is my love for the Hawaiian Islands.  I consider Hawaii my second home and my husband and I go home every year but our work schedule makes it hard to get back as often as we would like to.

Due to Covid-19, my part time advertising job is on hold and I know that it’s a hard time for many. The current situation causes me to rethink life and what is really important: my family, my health and going after my ambitions. I am dedicated to work hard to continue to offer creative, heartwarming Keleka Designs into your home.

I am now shipping all over the USA and internationally too. I have plans to continue to grow my business and create new designs every week.

M:  What do you love the most about being a Boss Babe?

K:  I love being my own boss, making my own schedule, fulfilling my dreams, inspiring others, connecting with people like you, Mayumi. I love to connect with honest, motivated people, so, we can all support each other with our aspirations.

It’s such a rewarding feeling! Everyday, I learn more and educate myself to become more successful with Keleka Designs.

M:  What would your advice be for Boss Babes in the making?  If they are contemplating leaving a secure 9-5 job with benefits – what would you say to them? Should they take the leap?

K:  It took me a long time to take a leap.  Be sure to always have a backup plan.  Have some income coming in while you start planning to follow your dreams. 

Starting a new business isn’t easy and takes a lot of hard work and dedication. But if you are passionate about it, you will figure a way to do it. 

Go for it.  It’s rewarding, fulfilling, and eventually you will succeed.  If your first idea doesn’t work, come up with a new one.  Keep at it, as persistence will pay off!

If you would like to learn more about Keleka and her Hawaiian flame-less candles and Rastafarian incense holders you can see them on her website: https://www.kelekaart.com/