Travel – 5 Reasons to Visit Tofino, BC

Tofino - Mako’s Bday 2016

One of my favourite places to travel to locally is Tofino, BC. I feel a connection to the land. It is a spiritual connection…

1) There is a tranquility there that is calming, restorative, and balancing.

Three years ago Tofino called my name to come back. And I did. I booked a reservation at my favourite resort, Tin Wis Best Western. Tin Wis means calm water. The name is so fitting because it was so relaxing and for me and probably for all their guests that stay there.

2) It’s a magical experience–you get to experience nature 360 degrees around you and see the BEST SUNSETS ever!

All 85 rooms of the resort face Mackenzie Beach. Every single room has a beach view! This is what the front desk told me the first time I made a reservation.

3) There is a lot of fresh seafood! OMG and it’s sooo good. My Mom and I went to the Schooner and not only had the yummiest nom-noms BUT ALSO received the best customer service! Their Island Mussels & Clam bowl (seafood chowder) stayed hot until the last spoonful! I was very impressed. If you visit Tofino you MUST GO to the Schooner Restaurant.

4) There a lot of art galleries to visit that demonstrate the rich Indigenous History. One of the artists that “spoke to me” is Jack Willoughby. I first saw his art at the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC (less than 5 hours south of Tofino). The first piece of his that resonated with me was a Tree of Life. I kicked myself for not buying it but years later I bought his “Hook Windswept” at the Spirit Gallery in Horseshoe Bay.

5) You can cross off learning how to surf off your bucket list! I did the first time I went to Tofino at Surf Sister.

Writing about it now, I know I have to go back SOON! I think she may be calling my name again BUT this time I think I’m calling Tofino.