Labour Day Long Weekend

It’s Sunday, September 1st on Labour Day Long weekend -the weekend before I and all the kids go back to school…

Although I am excited, I have mixed feelings about Summer ending. On the one hand I am excited about Fall starting and the great garments in my closet that I will be able to wear again like my Belle Dame poncho from Branches & knots (shown in the photo – with eternity scarf from Buchart Gardens in Victoria, BC), what I call my Sherlock Holmes cape from Denise Da Rosa, The Modern Girl’s yard sale, and my tall black leather The North Face boots (photos of my boots & cape are featured in my E-Newsletter – register for my website OR enter your email in Contact us.

On the other hand, I am sad Summer is about to end … Long days & nights, the beach, radler beers, and seeing the hot muscle cars that are taken out of storage and on the road …

But a new journey is about to begin. My academic career in Communications, PR, and Journalism. All excite me because I can see my future and I will be even more fulfilled than I am now!

“What is Love?!” – 1990’s Fashion Retrospective

Deelite had a song by the same name in the early 90’s, back when I was in the shoe biz. I was Assistant Manager of a shoes store right in the heart of downtown Vancouver on Robson Street. Needless to say, I had LOTS OF SHOES!

Every week we had a shipment of new ones coming in. Most of our shoes were Cougar, a Canadian brand that was founded in 1948 in Burlington, Ontario by Walter Sedlbauer. What started out as a Canadian shoe company has become distributed all over the world.

The store was called City Shoes, our neighbours were Benny’s Bagels, the two Starbucks kitty corner from each other. And they were both busy … But I didn’t like Starbucks coffee back then. It was too bitter… There was also a great fish & chips joint just around the corner from us on Thurlow but I can’t remember what it was called. Do any of you remember?!

The fashion in 1990, 1991 was all about platform sandals, wide legged pants that somewhat resembled bell bottoms BUT more stylish. They were using stretchy fabrics so the pants were snug fitting until below the knee. Girls were pushing their hair back with headbands and tying it up with scrunchies. Tall thigh high boots were hot. I had a pair of black suede Cougars that went up past my knees and tied in the back with ribbons. I wore those with my Bebe Mickey Mouse jeans (I still have them), black cropped crochet top & black bustier that I got from Contempo in Honolulu, Hawaii. My Dad used to live there and I would visit him during my summer breaks from school. I weighed a mere 115 – 120 lbs with long hair down to my waist. I was a hot little thing but didn’t know it! Hahahaha… I wish I had a photo of my ensemble to post.

My girlfriends and I would go to Reggae Wednesdays at Graceland, a club that was across the street from Luv Affair and another one on Beatty called Warehouse where they had metal detectors at the doorway! Those were the days of my … dare I say my age?! Nahhhh…. let’s keep you guessing.

Capilano University Welcome Orientation

I attended the Capilano University Orientation today and I loved it! At times overwhelmed by emotion for choosing a school where I know I belong and that according to Elder Rose Nahanee, CapU also chose ME! Her speech during the Welcome Ceremony and the things she said resonated with me.

She spoke about how the canoe is an important symbol to her and the Squamish Nation. At the funeral that she attended this morning they spoke of the “canoe” taking the deceased HOME.

Two thoughts entered my mind when Elder Rose Nahanee spoke of the canoe and the journey HOME. Mark Wilson, my high school sweetheart also attended Capilano University. And before he passed away he told his Mom that he was going HOME tomorrow. He passed away the next day on January 1, 2015.

When I had told Mark years before he passed away about my love for writing he encouraged me to start a blog. And here I am doing what I love! It feels wonderful and I want to do it all the time. And soon I will be when I start the Bachelor of Communications Program in September.

In a different context, I feel like I have come HOME to Capilano University. It is a feeling of acceptance, a welcoming of open arms, and encouragement from people who truly care about our success in our academic career and beyond: President of Capilano University – Paul Dangerfield, Squamish Nation Elder – Rose Nahanee, President of the Students’ Union – Emily Bridge, and Director of Student Affairs – Daniel Levangie.

During the ceremony I came to the realization I want to be involved with CapU in everyway I can. I have already applied to volunteer as a Well-Being Ambassador, a pilot project where Peers assist other Peers. I want to be a part of the Capilano Students’ Union by becoming a member who represents Mature Students and also become a member of Young Women In Business.

I can’t wait for it ALL TO BEGIN … Just 5 MORE DAYS!

To read more about the legacy of the canoe carved for CapU please read


You are the BEAUTY and the BEAST is that annoying “voice” that is always putting you down. Your enemy. Don’t listen to her OR him… You are AMAZING, you are BEAUTIFUL, you are WONDERFUL just as you are.

How am I so POSITIVE? I have overcome a lot, I have been through the “DARK NIGHTS OF THE SOUL”, and I SURVIVED! I hope that none of you have to experience this state in your life.

Google says, “The phrase “dark night of the soul” comes from the Spanish mystic and poet John of the Cross (1541–1597). (And) the dark night of the soul is a spiritual depression, a kind of existential crisis, that requires a deep and painful dip that must be experienced before enlightenment. The “dark night of the soul” is a concept that has been discussed for millennia, typically associated with a poem written by St. John of the Cross. “

It was the worst time of my life next to the periods of time when I was struggling with depression, anxiety, and insomnia. And I have also experienced ALL AT THE SAME TIME. I cannot explain to you here in one blog (article – my preferred term) what “dark nights of the soul” was for me and what it feels like. One word – hell.

But because of those awful experiences I have come out on the opposite end of the spectrum. Happy. Content. Fulfilled. Dharma. Dharma is a state of bliss that you will feel when you have found “your inner spiritual goddess or god”, you have found what your unique talents are that you can do better than anyone else, and use those talents for service to others. I have paraphrased Deepak Chopra’s book, “The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success”. If you have never read it before, please do. It will change your life.

This is just the beginning…

You’re probably wondering what I mean by that.   

I have BIG DREAMS & my website is just the beginning… I have discovered that I have a love and passion for writing & editing … YES, editing! Lol… 

I mentioned in my introduction that I will be writing weekly blogs – articles.  Articles is such a nicer and more pleasant word.  Who thought up the word blog and WHY is everyone using it… I don’t get it but c’est la vie…

(I Googled who first coined the term this afternoon and reveal that in my Blog section … Have a look.)

Think of me as your new BFF, your friend who shares ALL THE BEST STUFF with you…

My First Post!

Little Pink Door Boutique

Okay, so that is not exactly true.  I have a free website from Wix that I named Fashion INVESTIGATOR INC, published, and abandoned back in 2010.  Lol…

But this time I’m here to stay folks! I am so excited that I FINALLY have my own website & platform to speak with you, share with you, laugh, and celebrate with you… 

My Vision is  to continue to build my community of happy, positive, supportive people to SHARE my LIFESTYLE with you:

  • FASHION – and where to shop on a budget
  • EATS – where to get the best nomnoms & customer service
  • FITNESS -I quit  smoking 2 1/2 years ago & gained 15 lbs and I will share with you my journey back to fitness and help motivate you to keep you on track & in the gym – I am now a  Steve Nash Lonsdale Ambassador
  • NATURE – I am a Spiritual Empath:  “Empaths are truly gifted people in many ways. … It is a rare gift which makes them what they are – empaths. They sense the feelings of others as their own which makes them great listeners and trouble-solvers. Empaths have one rare trait that makes them even more powerful – these people are experts in human psychology.” – May 31, 2018  

And as a Spiritual Empath I NEED NATURE – being in the woods on a trail, at the beach near the ocean or near a stream, creek or river, OR in a beautiful garden such as Gerry’s Garden in North Vancouver, BC.


Soft Launch

Welcome to my Lifestyle Ezine, Fashion INVESTIGATOR INC and thank you for visiting!

It has been quite the journey to get here… And I am so happy to share my LOVES with you.  Every week I will inform you where  you can find FASHION name brands on a budget, where to eat the best NOM NOMS and receive the best customer service, keep you motivated to stay on track with your FITNESS routine as I am one of the Ambassadors at  Steve Nash Lonsdale, and I will share my LOVE of NATURE with you …

We will feature NEW Guest Writers every month who are Industry experts.