Finally – FOODIE with Andrea’s Restaurant!

Andrea’s 10 Rich Topping Pizza – Foget about ordering from anywhere else!!!

Finally a foodie blog! It’s about time, rigghhht?! I have loved Andrea’s for a long time … Since high school. I even remember the very first time that I had their pizza – namely their 10 Rich Topping… I was 14 years old and I was sleeping over at one of my BFF’s and her step-dad worked a second job delivering for Andrea’s and got it for us.

It was a Friday pizza & movie night just like tonight… Many unsaid years later …. Hahhahaha… And the best part is it tastes EXACTLY THE SAME! I kid you not!!! The same chef has worked at Andrea’s for 30 years. It is a family owned & operated restaurant that has 2 locations: North Vancouver and Langley. BC. The North Van location has been a staple in Central Lonsdale for 35 years.

Andreas and Matina started their first restaurant in 1984 with a combination of PASSION for food, Andreas’ expert knowledge of butchering meats & Matina’s family recipes. Katie, Andreas’ and Matina’s daughter, who I met for the first time last night embodies the “… fundamental Greek custom (to show) friendship to guests, and the Ancient Greek concept of hospitality … “filoxenia”, translated as hospitality, generosity and courtesy shown to guests. ” – Andreas’ Website

To me, Andrea’s pizza and meals are nostalgic. There are many memories attached to their food, ordering take-out and dining in their restaurant over the years. And my intuition tells me there will be MANY MORE happy memories in my future with them and their delicious, Greek comfort food – said the foodie in ME!