Babes Promoting Babes Interview Series Launch

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I’m very excited to announce the launch of my Babes Promoting Babes Interview Series. The first Boss Babe to be interviewed is Brigitte Besner, one of the Owners of Daisy … Sandwiches & Such.

MY MISSION:  To motivate and inspire Boss Babes in the making. To uplift, encourage, and promote male & female entrepreneurs and to share aspirations, goals and dreams with them.

To provide and build a warm, loving, and supportive community of CREATORS. Creators of art, a business, or a NEW YOU …

I had the opportunity to interview Brigitte a couple of days ago and it was timed synchronistically. Daisy will be re-opening for takeout on Monday, April 27th. I am a fan and am very happy!

M:  What’s your story?  Where were you born, where were you raised?  What was your childhood, growing up years like? 

B:  I was born in the province of Quebec in a small town called Verdun.  Family of 4. Younger brother. Both parents worked until they decided to open their own restaurant (diner).  My mother’s parents had their own diner already. So I basically grew up in a diner all my life.

M:  What did you want to do when you grew up?  

B:  Lawyer.  But my father was hoping for me to join the family business so I went a different path.  At that time my parents owned a chain of Italian restaurants.

M: Did you go to university?  If so, what did you study?

B:  No, I did not go to university but I went to a hospitality management school in Montreal.  L’Institut de Tourisme et D’Hôtellerie du Québec.

M:  When did you move to Vancouver?  Why did you move to Vancouver?

I moved to Vancouver in 1991 for work.  I worked in a small restaurant in Maple Bay near Duncan on the Island.  After I moved to Vancouver and worked in different hotels as a server, banquet server and front desk.  Eventually I was offered a position in a hotel in Lebanon for 6 months for Food and Beverage Management … When I came back, I was transferred to a hotel in Montreal (of all places LOL!!) for a year and came back to Vancouver.  Most of my career in BC was mainly in hotel settings. 

 M: When did you start Daisy … Sandwiches & Such? I know the story but how did you name Daisy’s?

B:  We opened Daisy’s in May 2011. My daughter said she wanted to be famous when she grew up so I said okay, here’s your chance.  I named the restaurant after her. Her name is Charlotte Daisy.

6) What do you love the most about being a Boss Babe?

B:  I guess what I like (or liked ) — the control over the “creative” aspects.  

When you are working for someone, you are working at bringing THEIR vision to life.  Even if sometimes you think you know better, and you bring in ideas or feedback to your employers, it is still their dream and vision.

When you are your own boss, you are in charge of every aspect of your vision and your dream.

And from that point on, you build yourself a team that will help you bring your dream and vision to life.  In the process you hope that you are empowering and giving tools to another person to go out and take a leap of faith and start their own business.

M:  What would your advice be for Boss Babes in the making?  If they are contemplating leaving a secure 9-5 job with benefits – what would you say to them? Should they take the leap?

B: THINK about the reason — If you’re in it for the money, you’re not going to make money right away. DO IT IF:  

1) You’re passionate about your service or product.

2) You are excited to be your own boss.

3) You can talk to people in the industry first.  Ask them questions. Questions like, what would they have done when they first opened their business that they didn’t know, but know now.

4) You have the ability to delegate tasks.  It makes a HUGE difference. When you delegate tasks, you can FOCUS your time and energy on what generates MONEY.  If you try to DO EVERYTHING yourself, your creativity dries up …

M:  Any last words? What’s our favourite positive/motivational quote or book.

B:  Being in business is being in a relationship. You are in a relationship with your customers.

Like every relationship to function, some compromises will have to be made. Choose how much and what kind of compromises you are willing to make to keep your relationship with your relationship with your guest healthy and balanced.

When you make too many compromises, you dilute the essence of who you are, of what your business is all about.

It’s a thin line to walk, but it’s very important to learn how to walk it.

But most important, always work from a place of gratitude.

Daisy … Sandwiches & Such is located at 1089 Roosevelt Crescent in North Vancouver.  Their menu is on their website: and the restaurant will be re-opening for takeut on Monday, April 27th.