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I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica Cerato at Steve Nash Fitness Club in North Vancouver, BC when she was substituting for another one of the instructors. I liked her immediately and her style of teaching much better than the instructor she was subbing.

She is full of energy, vibrancy and openness. And a motivating and encouraging Fitness Instructor.

Jessica is also the Founder of JC Inspired Wellness and is a Certified Essential Oil Specialist. She consults, sells, and educates her clients on doTERRA Essential Oils.

MY MISSION:  To motivate and inspire Boss Babes in the making. To uplift, encourage, and promote male & female entrepreneurs and to share aspirations, goals and dreams with them.

To provide and build a warm, loving, and supportive community of CREATORS. Creators of art, a business, or a NEW YOU … 

M: What’s your story?  Where were you born, where were you raised?  What was your childhood, growing up years like?

J: I was born and raised in a small town in Pennsylvania.  As a middle child of two teachers, I was involved and active in a lot of things growing up. 

I loved anything to do with a team, so was drawn to sports.  I battled with weight growing up, but my activity kept it at a manageable level.

M: What did you want to do when you grew up? 

J: So many things!  I wanted to be an author, a professional chef, a news anchor – basically everything except what I am doing now!

M: Did you go to college or university?  If so, what did you study? 

J: I went to American University in Washington, DC to play Division 1 Field Hockey and study International Business and Finance.  I spent a year abroad in Madrid, so I also minored in Spanish.

M: When did you move to Vancouver?  Why did you move to Vancouver? 

J: After graduation and 2 weeks before set to start my career on Wall Street, I decided to alter course and went to work on a cruise ship! 

I spent 7 years at sea managing the onboard Youth Program and during that time, met my now, husband.  He is from Vancouver, and after sailing out of this amazing city for an Alaskan season – I fell in love with both him and Vancouver! 

M: When did you start your business?  What was your inspiration? 

J: I became a Fitness Instructor in 2010, and was inspired to make fitness accessible to all. 

You see, I battled with my weight all my life and my relationship with food and fitness overcame me in my early 20’s.  At 210 pounds, I felt horrible — both mentally and physically. 

I was living in Miami at the time and inspired to do something about it, I walked into my neighborhood gym.  I stood in the lobby for 20 minutes.  No one helped me.  No one even acknowledged me. 

And I left that day, inspired to do it for myself and everyone else who feels invisible.  My philosophy is to make my classes accessible to all — to have fun, and join together to lift each other up.

I kept teaching through my two pregnancies and felt awesome.  However, after going back to work in 2017 after the birth of my second daughter, I struggled. 

Struggled to sleep, struggled with debilitating headaches, struggled with my emotions.  I was medicating with chemicals that I knew my body couldn’t sustain long term, and I knew I wanted better.

Then, I found essential oils.  They started out helping with my physical ailments, but over time offered so much more support.  I became obsessed with learning, and got my Essential Oil Specialist Certification. 

After seeing what they did for my family, I was again inspired to help others get help too.  And so I partnered with doTERRA and became a Wellness Advocate. 

Now, I educate and help those looking for natural solutions, on what essential oils are, and how to use them. 

I am so passionate about bringing both sides of my business together.  Not just physical fitness, but emotional health and wellness too.  JC Inspired Wellness was born in 2019.  Many think JC is my initials, but the abbreviation and inspiration is actually Justine and Charlie – my two kids.

In addition to teaching fitness classes at studios, I also founded and offer signature programs of my own – “Squats with Tots,” “Barre with Babies,” and “Yoga Birthday Parties for Kids.”

M: What do you love the most about being a Boss Babe? 

J: That’s easy.  Helping others.  Whether it’s teaching a step class, flowing through yoga, offering sleep solutions, teaching green cleaning classes, or just holding a baby while their Mom does squats — it’s the connection, knowing we are all in this together that I truly love.

M: What would your advice be for Boss Babes in the making?  If they are contemplating leaving a secure 9-5 job with benefits — what would you say to them? Should they take the leap? 

J: Do what’s in your heart. 

I look back at my life, and see so many times when I decided to pivot.  From Wall Street to Cruise Ship, from the US to Canada … And I continue to pivot. 

It’s not about choosing a path and making it your goal forever, it’s about living life and doing it your way — Whatever that looks like for you.

M: Any last words? What’s our favourite positive/motivational quote or book. 

J: So many that have made a difference in my life.  But for this audience, anyone contemplating going out on their own, I love Cathy Heller’s, “Don’t Keep Your Day Job,” podcast and book. 

And, don’t feel like you have to have it all together, all of the time.  It’s okay if you fall apart sometimes.  Tacos fall apart and we still love them. 

You are enough, just as you are. 

Jessica Cerato, Owner of JC Inspired Wellness, believes health and wellness is for everyone. Through fitness classes and natural health supports like essential oils and mindset mantras, she works with individuals and families to reach their goals.

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