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I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica Cerato at Steve Nash Fitness Club in North Vancouver, BC when she was substituting for another one of the instructors. I liked her immediately and her style of teaching much better than the instructor she was subbing.

She is full of energy, vibrancy and openness. And a motivating and encouraging Fitness Instructor.

Jessica is also the Founder of JC Inspired Wellness and is a Certified Essential Oil Specialist. She consults, sells, and educates her clients on doTERRA Essential Oils.

MY MISSION:  To motivate and inspire Boss Babes in the making. To uplift, encourage, and promote male & female entrepreneurs and to share aspirations, goals and dreams with them.

To provide and build a warm, loving, and supportive community of CREATORS. Creators of art, a business, or a NEW YOU … 

M: What’s your story?  Where were you born, where were you raised?  What was your childhood, growing up years like?

J: I was born and raised in a small town in Pennsylvania.  As a middle child of two teachers, I was involved and active in a lot of things growing up. 

I loved anything to do with a team, so was drawn to sports.  I battled with weight growing up, but my activity kept it at a manageable level.

M: What did you want to do when you grew up? 

J: So many things!  I wanted to be an author, a professional chef, a news anchor – basically everything except what I am doing now!

M: Did you go to college or university?  If so, what did you study? 

J: I went to American University in Washington, DC to play Division 1 Field Hockey and study International Business and Finance.  I spent a year abroad in Madrid, so I also minored in Spanish.

M: When did you move to Vancouver?  Why did you move to Vancouver? 

J: After graduation and 2 weeks before set to start my career on Wall Street, I decided to alter course and went to work on a cruise ship! 

I spent 7 years at sea managing the onboard Youth Program and during that time, met my now, husband.  He is from Vancouver, and after sailing out of this amazing city for an Alaskan season – I fell in love with both him and Vancouver! 

M: When did you start your business?  What was your inspiration? 

J: I became a Fitness Instructor in 2010, and was inspired to make fitness accessible to all. 

You see, I battled with my weight all my life and my relationship with food and fitness overcame me in my early 20’s.  At 210 pounds, I felt horrible — both mentally and physically. 

I was living in Miami at the time and inspired to do something about it, I walked into my neighborhood gym.  I stood in the lobby for 20 minutes.  No one helped me.  No one even acknowledged me. 

And I left that day, inspired to do it for myself and everyone else who feels invisible.  My philosophy is to make my classes accessible to all — to have fun, and join together to lift each other up.

I kept teaching through my two pregnancies and felt awesome.  However, after going back to work in 2017 after the birth of my second daughter, I struggled. 

Struggled to sleep, struggled with debilitating headaches, struggled with my emotions.  I was medicating with chemicals that I knew my body couldn’t sustain long term, and I knew I wanted better.

Then, I found essential oils.  They started out helping with my physical ailments, but over time offered so much more support.  I became obsessed with learning, and got my Essential Oil Specialist Certification. 

After seeing what they did for my family, I was again inspired to help others get help too.  And so I partnered with doTERRA and became a Wellness Advocate. 

Now, I educate and help those looking for natural solutions, on what essential oils are, and how to use them. 

I am so passionate about bringing both sides of my business together.  Not just physical fitness, but emotional health and wellness too.  JC Inspired Wellness was born in 2019.  Many think JC is my initials, but the abbreviation and inspiration is actually Justine and Charlie – my two kids.

In addition to teaching fitness classes at studios, I also founded and offer signature programs of my own – “Squats with Tots,” “Barre with Babies,” and “Yoga Birthday Parties for Kids.”

M: What do you love the most about being a Boss Babe? 

J: That’s easy.  Helping others.  Whether it’s teaching a step class, flowing through yoga, offering sleep solutions, teaching green cleaning classes, or just holding a baby while their Mom does squats — it’s the connection, knowing we are all in this together that I truly love.

M: What would your advice be for Boss Babes in the making?  If they are contemplating leaving a secure 9-5 job with benefits — what would you say to them? Should they take the leap? 

J: Do what’s in your heart. 

I look back at my life, and see so many times when I decided to pivot.  From Wall Street to Cruise Ship, from the US to Canada … And I continue to pivot. 

It’s not about choosing a path and making it your goal forever, it’s about living life and doing it your way — Whatever that looks like for you.

M: Any last words? What’s our favourite positive/motivational quote or book. 

J: So many that have made a difference in my life.  But for this audience, anyone contemplating going out on their own, I love Cathy Heller’s, “Don’t Keep Your Day Job,” podcast and book. 

And, don’t feel like you have to have it all together, all of the time.  It’s okay if you fall apart sometimes.  Tacos fall apart and we still love them. 

You are enough, just as you are. 

Jessica Cerato, Owner of JC Inspired Wellness, believes health and wellness is for everyone. Through fitness classes and natural health supports like essential oils and mindset mantras, she works with individuals and families to reach their goals.

To learn about Jessica’s tips, tricks, and inspiration on living your best life while sharing her own perfectly imperfect one, follow her on Instagram:

And if you would like to purchase doTERRA Essential Oils, or book a wellness consultation with her:

How Covid Has Affected My Business by Fitness Contributor – Fawn Gill

Never in my lifetime (almost 50 years) have I experienced anything like this. And I know I’m not alone.

We are all in this very unprecedented time together — Having to stay home to keep each other safe.

I was asked to write how Covid-19 has affected my business. Well, to be honest, this pandemic has put me out of work. I was working as a Group Fitness Manager and Instructor for a large chain that shut their doors and may be declaring bankruptcy. I suddenly found myself terminated, along with all the other staff. On top of that, the physiotherapy clinic where I was teaching Clinical Pilates also had to shut its doors temporarily.

Suddenly, I was unemployed. First. Time. Ever.

It was (and still is) surreal. I’ve been in the Fitness Industry for over 25 years. Teaching fitness classes almost every day to groups of people. Sharing energy. Receiving energy.

I went from teaching 2-3 classes a day to nothing. Boom. Just like that. So you can say, I’m in withdrawal.

Whenever something negative happens, I try my best to look at the positive side. 

For years I was working very hard at becoming an online entrepreneur. I offered different health and wellness programs online. It was super fun, creative, and I was making a good little side hustle. When I took on the Steve Nash Manager position, I had to give all that up as it was a conflict of interest.

Now, I’m an online entrepreneur again! Since the closure of all my jobs, I have started teaching LIVE Pilates and Barre classes on Facebook along with ZOOM noon-hour cardio blast classes.

I’m getting a great response from both and it is a lot of fun to teach from home … You can’t beat the commute!

It’s also an opportunity to keep in contact with many of my participants and I love that I’m helping them stay healthy and happy during this difficult time in our lives.

I am planning on expanding my online offers to group accountability sessions and one-on-one training.

Stay healthy everyone and remember…wash your hands!

Fawn Gill is a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness instructor, Pilates Instructor, Barre instructor & Accountability Coach. Fawn has over 25 years experience teaching others the benefits of living healthy and has helped thousands of people lose weight & get fit. You can learn more information on her website:

You can join Fawn’s fitness classes at her Facebook page:

Fitness Feature – How to NOT set resolutions this year by Fawn Gill

Happy New Year!

Do you get swooped up in New Years Resolutions? 

Have you vowed to work out every single day this January, quit sugar, journal & meditate every single day, quit caffeine, etc. etc.

While those are all awesome resolutions that can help you live a healthier life, sometimes setting too many resolutions not only sets you up for failure, but it also contributes to you feeling like crap when the resolutions fall to the wayside.

People get super stressed out about resolutions, and more accurately, failing at their resolutions.

So instead of setting resolutions this 2020, let’s focus on other, more positive ways you can set yourself up for success and focus on what you want in your life without all the stress.

Check out the tips below on how you can reduce your New Year’s Resolution Stress.

1. Set SMART goals.

SMART goals are specific goals to help you set up a plan for what you want to accomplish. These are great when you want to do something that has an ‘end’ date, like run a 5km or 10km or a tough mudder. They are also great when your doctor has said you need to lose 20lbs. SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relative or Reward, & Timely. To use it in an example…I want to lose 10lbs (specific & measurable & attainable) in 10 weeks (timely) and when I do, I’ll get a new workout top (reward). Saying ‘I want to be fit’ would not be an example of a SMART goal because it’s not specific nor measurable. What ‘fit’ looks like to one person is different to the next. I want to run the Scotia Bank 1/2 Marathon in June is definitely a SMART goal. See the difference?

2. Set Intentions

I LOVE these because they deal with more how you want to ‘feel’ and how you’d ‘like’ something to go. You can set them in absolutely any area of your life. I set intentions for my day in the morning after I mediate. It goes something like this, my intention today is to be more present. Or my intention for this workout is to feel positive about my body. My intention for this meal is to nourish my body with fiber & vitamins. My intention for this time with my girls is to really listen. Make sense?

3. Set a Theme word for the year.

Invest. That’s my theme word for 2020. I want to invest in all areas of my life; business, community, relationships, and mindset. Theme words are super cool because they help you set intentions around what you want more of in the next year. They help you streamline your goals and figure out ways to make them happen.

For example take my theme word – INVEST. Because I want to invest in myself and my business, I am adding accountability coaching to my services. Adding that into my repertoire will help ‘invest’ my life in many different ways.

So, how does one find a theme word? It’s the word that keeps coming to your attention. One that resonates with you and makes you think. Maybe one you keep hearing lately. You don’t have to have just 1 word. Maybe you have a few words that pop up at you. That’s cool too. There really is no right or wrong to choosing a theme word(s).

Take 10 mins and sit somewhere quiet and comfortable and just envision your 2020. What does it look like? Who’s in it? What do you want more of in 2020? What do you want to leave behind in 2019?

Here are some words to help inspire you:  grateful, present, courage, focus, change, joy, release, trust, seek, balance, fearless, less, enough. faith… there a word that pops out at you?

Remember, the whole point is to not get overwhelmed so just pick 1 of the 3 tips to start your 2020 in a positive manner.

Once you feel you’ve got that 1 tip down, then choose another.

May the turn of the decade be AWESOMELY positive for you! 

Happy 2020!

Fawn Gill is the Group Fitness Manager of Steve Nash Fitness Clubs for the North Shore. She is a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness instructor, Pilates Instructor, Barre instructor & Accountability Coach. Fawn has over 25 years experience teaching others the benefits of living healthy and has helped thousands of people lose weight & get fit. Check her out at

4 Myths That are Keeping You Fat! – Monthly Fitness Contributor, Fawn Gill

Are you working your butt off but still fat? I hear so many people complain about doing all the right things but not losing weight. This all leads to feeling frustrated, being overwhelmed and eventually the ‘forget this’ attitude that then leads to eating the whole bag of chips.  Sound familiar?

If so, then maybe you’re buying into these four myths.

Myth #1:  If I eat fat, I’ll get fat.

Truth:  Incorporating healthy fats into your diet will actually help you lose fat. Eating fat from sources like avocados, olives and coconuts can actually help you increase your metabolism, keep you full longer and each your body how to burn fat when you remove sugar from your diet. Choose fats like nuts, seeds, fatty fish, eggs, full fat yogurt and grass-fed beef. Remember, that non-fat foods actually have crazy high level of sugars and it’s sugar that makes you fat.

Myth #2: I need to do tons of cardio to burn fat.

Truth: While cardio burns calories, if you want to burn fat, choose HIIT (high-intensity interval training).  Incorporating HIIT into your workouts will make your body and metabolism function at a higher rate of burned calories for hours and hours afterward. So yes, you could be reading AND burning fat at the same time! Lifting weights will also help you increase your resting metabolism. When you have more lean muscle on your body, your metabolism increases. This basically means you could be burning fat while sitting and watching Netflix.

Myth #3: I need to significantly reduce my calorie intake.

Truth: This is actually partially true. The reality is, we eat too much. Take a look at how much you actually consume in a day. We often underestimate how much we eat and overestimate how much we burn.  And ultimately to lose fat, you do need to be in a calorie deficit. The calories you take in need to be nutrient dense meaning that they are full of the good stuff the body needs. Not empty calories from things like non-fat foods, processed foods, sugar, and pop.

Ultimately, what you eat is truly the most important factor when losing fat. Be sure to eat a diet high in lean proteins (whatever your source), vegetables, healthy fats, and carbs from plant sources. Don’t forget to move your body daily, get plenty of uninterrupted sleep, reduce your stress levels and you will find the weight will drop off.

Myth #4: It’s too late to start.

Truth: SO NOT TRUE! It’s never too late to start an exercise program or healthy eating! We CAN reverse the damage done AND move forward feeling better than we ever have! The trick is to get help! You can’t do it alone. Grab a friend and just start walking every day. Hire a trainer. Workout with a YouTube workout. Or join a program that will help you get there.

No matter what you choose, you can start today! Right now!!! 

If you have not taken the time to invest in yourself yet, today is the day.

Fawn Gill is the Group Fitness Manager of Steve Nash Fitness Clubs for the North Shore. She is a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness instructor, Pilates Instructor, Barre instructor & Accountability Coach. Fawn has over 25 years experience teaching others the benefits of living healthy and has helped thousands of people lose weight & get fit. Check her out at