Start With A Dream

I am optimistic, spiritual, and AMBITIOUS AS F@%*! Great combination, right?! Hahaha …

My life is charmed. Everyday I am happy just to wake up. Grateful for everything that God/Universe brings to me. My life journey has not always been so blissful. I have faced many challenges and hurdles. Depression, thoughts of suicide, anxiety, insomnia …

But I conquered all of those conditions AND FAR WORSE … How did I do it?! Perseverance, a lot of pain, and tears. The key is to keep busy, doing something you love, enjoy, and get involved in something, someone, a cause you believe in …

When you have these negative thoughts it’s important to remember you ARE NOT ALONE! And DO NOT ISOLATE, HIBERNATE, AVOID PEOPLE… I know that when depression has you in it’s clutches ALL YOU WANT IS TO BE ALONE. BUT trust me when I say that is the worst thing you can do! You will go deeper into the hole and it will get harder and harder to climb your way out when you isolate.

In 1999 my dream was to be a Famous Fashion Designer. I grew up watching Jeanne Becker’s “Fashion Television” & “Fashion File” … I have a different dream$ now … AND some of them I am making come true everyday through writing & editing my blogs, posting short stories/snippets on Instagram, taking photos, and through Creating Content & Digitally Marketing,

Synchronicity – 5 Positive Signs That You’re On The Right Path

Sunflower Fest

What is Synchronicity? I could Google it and provide you what other sources say what it is BUT I want to tell you in my words, from my experience what Synchronicity is .

1)Synchronicity is a “knowing”, an unshakable feeling that EVERYTHING IS GOING YOUR WAY & YOU’RE ON THE RIGHT PATH. It runs in waves. I first noticed synchronicity in my life in 1999, the summer before I moved to Toronto, ON to study Fashion Design at the International Academy of Design & Technology.

I was on a flight from Vancouver to Toronto and moving there without knowing a single soul OR where I was going to live BUT YET KNOWING I was and everything was going to be okay. I trusted this feeling and it came TRUE.

2)Synchronicity is running in my life again now. I am about to embark on a wonderful adventure & journey at Capilano University. My passions for writing, editing & photography were first explored and fulfilled on my Instagram profile,, and HERE now on my very own website! It’s a feeling of contentment.

3)Synchronicity is trust in Universe/God that a Higher Power is guiding you on a path, the right path. Where is this path leading you to? Only you can answer this. Where is it you want “to go”? What is your purpose in life? I found mine. You will too.

4) Along your path you will meet/have reunions with your soulmates & twin souls. I met 3 people that I “knew already”. My soul recognized them. As did theirs mine. If you suspect you have met your soulmate, you probably have. I will expand on a future blog my experience with meeting my soul family/pod.

5)Some of you may struggle when you are at one of the “peaks” of Synchronicity. In the past I did because I felt like I didn’t deserve to have/be given ALL the wonderful things that were happening to me. But you DO! You deserve it ALL. You deserve to be HAPPY so EMBRACE ALL THE POSITIVITY WITH OPEN ARMS & AN OPEN HEART!