Travel – 5 Reasons to Visit Tofino, BC

Tofino - Mako’s Bday 2016

One of my favourite places to travel to locally is Tofino, BC. I feel a connection to the land. It is a spiritual connection …

1) There is a tranquility there that is calming, restorative, and balancing.

Three years ago Tofino called my name to come back. And I did. I booked a reservation at my favourite resort, Tin Wis Best Western. Tin Wis means calm water and for me and I am sure all their guests that stay there.

2) It’s a magical experience:

3) All 85 rooms of the resort face Mackenzie Beach. Every single room has a beach view! This is what the front desk told me the first time I made a reservation.

4) There is a lot of fresh seafood! OMG and it’s sooo good. My Mom, Mako and I went to Schooner’s and not only had the yummiest nom noms BUT ALSO received the best customer service! Their seafood chowder stayed hot until the last spoonful! I kid you not. If you visit Tofino you MUST GO to the Schooner:

5) There a lot of art galleries to visit that demonstrate the rich Indigenous History. One of the artists that “spoke to me” is Jack Willoughby. I first saw his art at the Buchart Gardens in Victoria, BC (less than 5 hours south of Tofino). The first piece of his that resonated with me was a Tree of Life. I kicked myself for not buying it but years later I bought his “Hook Windswept” at the Spirit Gallery in Horseshoe Bay:

Writing about it now I know I have to go back SOON! i think she may be calling my name again BUT this time I think I’m calling Tofino.