“When I met Mayumi, I had a light grasp of SEO, but my business just didn’t give me the time to fully exploit the potential. Mayumi explained to me just what she wanted to achieve for our business exposure on search engines.

Then she went to work, with excitement and passion; and in a remarkably short time we found that we were 2nd on the leading Google search results for “mini donuts”! Nice job!”

  – Mollie Small, Founder, Hugs Donuts

Softrend had never ranked in Google’s top five prior to Mayumi working on our SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  But from #19, she quickly brought our ranking up to #1 not just once but twice.  For a growing business like Softrend Systems, brand awareness is vital and we are grateful to her for her passion to bring us to the top.

– Michael Wong, CEO & President, Softrend Systems Inc